This is the first  in a series of posts telling you a little bit about each of our clinics.  Our hope is that these posts can help you get to know our staff, the services available at each location and a little about the history behind how these clinics were established and how they’ve become part of the present day Construct Health.

In December of 2013 we purchased Mackay Physiotherapy and quickly set about set about rebranding and repositioning it as Construct Health Physiotherapy Mackay.  When the opportunity arose to purchase Mackay Physiotherapy we jumped at it as we had long felt a gap in our ability to look after the drive-in-drive-out (DIDO) workers of the Bowen Basin who called Mackay home.  We were already treating plenty of the DIDO folks through our onsite physiotherapy services and in our clinics in Moranbah, Middlemount and Emerald but would often lose touch with them when they returned to Mackay on break or if they were having extended time away from work due to injury.  Our purchase of Mackay Physiotherapy allowed us to address the disconnect between the injured person at work and the injured or recovering worker at home.

One of our first moves was to reach out to Eve Mason who had previously been a highly valued Construct Health staff member in Middlemount, but had left the company for the bright lights of Mackay.  Since returning to Construct Health Eve has been joined by Marlee Pegoraro, a CH newbie, and Anthony Ogden who transferred over from our Moranbah clinic.  Any good team is only as good as their front of house and we have the wonderful Mel Gillam and Tracy Boese looking after all of the administration needs of our Mackay team.

All three of our physios have extensive onsite experience working with the coal mining and manufacturing companies of Mackay and the Bowen Basin and were able to bring their wealth of experience together to greatly improve the scope of services offered out of Mackay.  Our Mackay clinic now offers onsite and town services to Glenden and Glencore Coals’ Newlands Mine; we also deliver injury prevention training to a number of local and regional business and now coordinate national injury management programs for our corporate clients out of Mackay.  This all occurs in conjunction with delivering exceptionally high quality physiotherapy services in the realms of injury management, pre-employment screenings, rehabilitation and clinical Pilates.  Our Physios can also be found on the sidelines helping out the Mackay Dolphins Soccer Club and a number of the teams from the Magpies Sporting Club.

The best part of taking over Mackay Physiotherapy and making it our own has been the development of a really strong team that has expanded not only the services that Construct Health provides but has developed its own following and in doing so has further enhanced our reputation with our clients and the community at large.