An Overview of Effective Rehabilitation


An Overview of Effective Rehabilitation Physiotherapists often use the word rehabilitation; to regain correct function of the muscles, ligaments joints and nervous system post injury to ensure re-inj. more info.

Why Do Injuries Keep Coming Back?

Injuries that keep coming back

Why Do Injuries Keep Coming Back? Injuries are a frustrating, and even more so when the same injury seems to keep coming back multiple times. Over time I have seen many patients re-injure themselves . more info.

Your Ideal Life and Exercise

Ideal Life Blog

Your Ideal Life and Exercise Ok, so I am one of those people who enjoys a bit of motivational rah rah. Yep, I listen to this style of podcasts, love an inspiring auto/biography and have been to more . more info.

Maintaining Motivation when the Motivator has Gone!

Motivation Blog Image

Maintaining Motivation when the Motivator has Gone! Many of us train with an upcoming event in mind. Be it a run, CrossFit event, or adventure travel. I personally had three major events this year I . more info.

5 Things for Patients to Know about Video Consultations

Image Telehealth Patient

5 Things for Patients to Know about Video Consultations For many of us, having any type of video consultation for a health or injury issue is an unknown and completely new thing. And what about a s. more info.

Embrace Failure

30102019 Embrace Your Failure

    “Don’t be afraid of failing, because there is nothing wrong with failing. You have to fail in order to climb the ladder. There is no one that doesn’t fail. […] We all fail.. more info.

Why physiotherapy will help you live longer

23102019 Blog Image Live Life Longer Post

We live in an increasingly digital world; that’s no surprise to anyone. We are asked to use self-serve facilities at the supermarket, bank, and post office. Instead of chatting with the newsagent wh. more info.


17102019 Blog Image

The US National Institute of Health Consensus Panel in 2000 defined Osteoporosis as a skeletal disorder characterised by compromised bone strength predisposing a person to an increased risk of fra. more info.

Advice for a good running technique to avoid pain and injury

biomechanic error

  At Construct Health, we want to help you improve your running performance and reduce your injury risk at the same time. Kim Williams is an experienced Clinical Physiotherapist and an ex-r. more info.

Sprained Ankle

Sprained Ankle

  One of the first patients I ever treated as a newly-minted physio was a lovely old bloke with a decidedly unlovely ankle sprain. The ankle, courtesy of a slip on wet cement, was gothic horr. more info.

Achilles Rupture


  A rifle shot or a car backfiring is the sound many of our patients describe hearing when they rupture their Achilles. They hear the shot and find themselves on the ground and wonder how th. more info.

ACL Tear

ACL Tear

ACL Tear If you have a few spare moments scroll through the Rugby League Week “Casualty Ward” page and sandwiched in-between the shattered limbs and dislocations you will find no fewer than . more info.

Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement We’ve already discussed how the shoulder has to move a lot and remain stable (click here – to find out more about shoulder range and shoulder dislocation). When this b. more info.

Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder Dislocation 2

Dislocation To get an idea of what your shoulder does take your right hand and try the following: scratch your nose; scratch your left bum cheek; scratch your belly; give a high-five; do your b. more info.

Construct Health Physiotherapy Mackay

Construct Health Physiotherapy Mackay

  This is the first in a series of posts telling you a little bit about each of our clinics. Our hope is that these posts can help you get to know our staff, the services available at each. more info.



Do you know that your PHYSIO can help you overcome headaches? Researchers have identified over 300 different types of headaches - including migraine, tension-headache, cluster headache, menstrual h. more info.

Physio Training

road-sign-798175_1280 (2)

Not so long ago we put up a post explaining that there's only so much they teach you at Physio School read more here Like many professions, new physios come out pretty green and then have to make t. more info.


Golf and Physio

Play Golf? Last year Australians played 25 million rounds of golf - with a population of 23 million that's more than one round for every man, woman and child in the country. The numbers get crazier. more info.



  Ever suffered VERTIGO?   Did you know that in may cases your physio can help?   One of the most common causes of vertigo - that horrible head spinning sensation - is a . more info.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy with Spine

What is Physiotherapy?   For most practising physios our first exposure to the profession comes as kids or teenagers on the receiving end of treatment for a sporting injury or developmental. more info.

Want to know what your physio reads?


Want to know what your physio reads?   There's only so much that they teach you at physio school, the rest you have to learn for yourself. Here's a few things that we have read and liked . more info.

Work-Related Injuries

Sally Pearson Fall Rome

  They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sally Pearson's fall during the recent Rome leg of the World Athletics Diamond League left her with a broken and dislocated wrist. It str. more info.

Relax – Your Telomeres Will Thank You


  Pain - its causes, its cures, its meaning and its management takes up most of our waking hours at CH HQ and a not inconsiderable number of our sleeping hours too. A few days ago we put u. more info.

Marathon Runners, Babies and Selective Amnesia – Pain

Marathon Runners

  What do HAVING a BABY and RUNNING a MARATHON have in common?   It may not be what you think. For new mums and runners may both experience a form of selective amnesia regarding the. more info.

5th Birthday Week Special Closing Fast

Construct Health Clinical Assessment Lumbar Spine

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inS9gAgSENE[/embed]   Our 5th Birthday Week Special is Closing Fast! $20 off your next physio appointment in our Mackay and Emerald clinics if you:. more info.

Thank You

Clinical Physiotherapy Assessment

Here at CH HQ we received lots of well-wishes congratulating us on our 5th Birthday yesterday. To the folks who called, emailed, posted messages on social media and stopped us on the street for a ch. more info.

Happy 5th Birthday Construct Health

Happy 5th Birthday Construct Health - the next 5 years is that way

A big day for us here today at CH HQ - It's our 5th Birthday.   Plenty of businesses fall before the two-year mark and plenty more don't make it to five. We, like any business, have had o. more info.

Just another day in the office!

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Professional Business of the Year 2015

Professional- Construct

Congratulations to our wonderful Moranbah team for their recent win in the Moranbah Traders Association annual business awards. Construct Health was the winner in the Professional Services Category . more info.