Workplace Health and Injury Solutions

Construct Health works to deliver an integrated approach to health, safety and well-being. For you, the client, this results in the seamless provision of a service exemplified by effective communication and streamlined response protocols. We do not believe in hidden expenses – just cost effective support and solutions.

Recordable and Lost Time Injuries

We are acutely aware that clinical decisions within each step of the injury response and rehabilitation process influence the classification and recordability of an injury. Our team understands and works daily under OSHA and similar injury classification systems.  Our people make decisions that have positive injury management outcomes for your workforce and risk and recordable injury mitigation outcomes for you, our clients.

In our experience the best way to control work-place injury and illness is through the adoption of a three tiered approach focused upon worker-centric injury prevention and health education; rapid and effective injury management protocols for when an injury does occur and streamlined rehabilitation pathways to get that worker back to full productive duties.

Case Studies:

In our first 12 months onsite with a Queensland-based gas company we were able to deliver a reduction in musculoskeletal injuries from 73% to 18% of total recordable injuries. This was on a large scale project (8000 workers at its peak) across multiple sites spanning a large geographical region and encompassing a number of high risk tasks. Similar results have been seen in mining with a 67% reduction in injuries at one underground mine, 26% at a second and 83% at an open cut mine since the inception of Construct Health’s services.


With all of our clients, we establish and maintain strong working relationships with the onsite Health Advisors. We work in close collaboration with the Health Advisors to ensure that appropriate Return to Work (RTW) strategies are put in place resulting in early and optimised injury outcomes for all injuries.

Injury Prevention

We implement robust Injury Prevention strategies and training packages to address issues related to manual task handling, work organisation and ergonomic design with particular focus on the prevention of strain/sprain injuries.

Strategies include:

  • Pre-start and during shift cognitive and physical preparedness routines (Switch On).
  • Involvement in the formation of an Ergonomics Working Party which brings together key stakeholders from various parts of an organisation to put in place ergonomic solutions for jobs identified as having a high manual task risk and risk of strain/sprain injuries.
  • Training initiatives for injury prevention and manual task handling,
  • Office ergonomic package development.
  • Pre-employment physical assessments.

Nationwide Facilitated Injury Management

Construct Health has also developed nationwide facilitated injury management services for a number of clients. One of the greatest challenges for a company is to receive uniform healthcare. When an injury occurs remote to our clinic or onsite service, we source a reliable local therapist train them in the injury management and communication expectations of our client and ensure that the client receives the information that they need to best manage their worker.

The Construct Health Difference

At Construct Health we have worked successfully within mining, construction, oil and gas exploration and production, security, defence, aviation, and corporate and manufacturing industries.

So whether you represent a large multinational or run your own small business or contracting firm we can tailor a solution to meet all of your injury management, injury prevention and health and wellbeing needs. Contact us today if you need assistance with any or all of the following services:

  • Pre-Employment Medical’s and Functional Capacity Evaluation’s
  • Personal health education and guidance
  • Pre-start warm-ups including cognitive preparedness routines
  • Risk assessment for identified tasks and occupations of concern for injury or re-injury
  • Worker and Supervisor Fatigue Management Training
  • Tool Box Talks
  • Manual Handling Training
  • Onsite or In-Clinic Injury Management
  • Nationwide facilitated injury management
  • Fast-track medical, specialist and surgical concierge services

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  • Costs

    The average direct (medical and wages) cost per Workers Compensation (WC) claim in the mining injury was:

    $29,761 in 2012 /13

  • Queensland Workers
    Compensation scheme 11/12 –
    55,022 strain/sprain or
    musculoskeletal system injuries.
    Direct medical and wages cost


  • Our industry experience:

    • Oil & gas
    • Coal and metalliferous mining
    • Ports and coal terminals
    • Major civil works and construction

    “Construct Health provide highest quality, fully integrated and cost effective health and safety services for the industrial and resources sectors. Our systems deliver superior clinical and safety services for maximum productivity and reduced compliance costs “

  • Our Corporate Experience:

    Construct Health directors and staff have substantial experience with leading companies including:

    • Anglo American Metallurgical Coal
    • BHP Billiton-Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)
    • Worley Parsons
    • Murphy Pipe & Civil
    • Arrow Energy
    • Glencore
    • Fitzroy Oz
    • Thiess
    • QGC
    • Peabody
    • Bechtel
    • BMD

    “At CH we work with our clients to deliver efficient, productive and robust Health & Safety solutions. We do not believe in hidden expenses, just cost effective support packaged in an intelligent, well-structured format.”