Health & Wellbeing

Creating a fit, healthy and informed workforce.

At Construct Health we believe that a fit, healthy workforce is less prone to injury and sickness and is more likely to be satisfied, motivated and productive at work. An informed workforce is empowered with the responsibility and means to achieve and sustain good health. We can work with you and your workforce to achieve these goals through the implementation of the following programs health & well being programs:

Weight loss programs
A structured regime of cardiovascular exercise to address or prevent obesity, best used in conjunction with a healthy diet plan.

Gym programs
A combination of exercises to improve endurance, flexibility, strength and core stability.

Stretching programs
Flexibility exercises, tailored to the specific employee, to correct muscular tightness and imbalance.

Strengthening and core stability programs
Exercises to strengthen and improve muscular endurance for areas that are a major risk factor for injury and targeting muscles which require strength in your particular industry or job role.
Core stability training focuses on strengthening the deep abdominal, back and neck muscles for a healthy spine.

Physical assessment
Periodic assessment of your staff to identify potential injury risk, which can then be corrected.

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