Pilates – available at Construct Health Mackay

Energise your body and strengthen your mind with Construct Health Pilates.

Originally created for, and still used extensively as, a method of rehabilitation, Pilates has grown to encompass physical conditioning and has become a great way to build a strong and youthful body.

At Construct Health Pilates we offer one-on-one Reformer Pilates training and fun yet challenging group mat classes.

Our classes are designed to increase body control, balance and strength. They target deep postural muscles, improve core stability and spine support.

Pilates is a highly effective component of post-injury rehabilitation, is wonderful both pre and post pregnancy and is a great way to reduce back pain and improve posture.

  • Benefits of Pilates

    1. Builds core strength
    2. Lengthens and tones, creating lean muscle
    3. Focuses on functional movement patterns
    4. Improves flexibility
    5. Reduces back pain
    6. Strengthens the mind
    7. Improves posture
    8. Increases circulation
    9. Endurance
    10. Reduces stress