Workplace Injury Prevention

Running a business is a never ending education. Here’s a few of the things that we have learned along the way:

  • Our clients want integrated solutions to their Health and Safety needs.
  • The best way to prevent incidents on a site is to successfully engage with all levels of the workforce.
  • Our clients appreciate a single reporting chain. When you need information and want it now, one phone call is always better than two or three.

At Construct Health injury prevention trumps injury management every time. Injuries impact every possible facet of a business from worker attitude and safety culture through to productivity and bottom line revenue. This is why we have developed a suite of services aimed at stopping injuries before they happen. We implement integrated solutions that encompass the worker, the site, the equipment and the task.

Worker Screening

Do you know that a workers tendency towards risk taking behaviours can be assessed prior to employment? We do. Combining behavioural screening with pre-employment medicals and functional assessments gives you a true and complete picture of who it is that you are about to employ and is where injury prevention really starts.

Worker Training

Once the worker gets to site is where the fun begins. We train workers and their supervisors in our “Switch On” work readiness program which combines cognitive challenges and a physical warm-up used at the start of each shift. We risk assess tasks and train supervisors and leading hands in performing their own assessments – one of the true lynchpins of effective injury prevention. We complete ergonomic assessments of plant, equipment and work-stations. We deliver manual task handling training, tool box talks and job safety observations. We do this and much more.

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  • Workplace injuries can reduce company profits through:

    • Increased Workcover and other injury insurance premiums
    • Reduced productivity
    • Increased sick pay
    • Replacement staff hire and training costs
    • Personal injury claims
  • What Our Clients Say

    What Our Clients Say
    “I would have no hesitation in recommending Construct Health for injury prevention and manual handling services which have been a valuable investment for the Lake Vermont Project.

    Following these sessions, there was a statistically significant reduction in soft tissue injuries relating to ergonomic and manual handling issues.”

    John Scott, Lake Vermont CHPP
    Project Manager

  • A 75% reduction in strain/sprain injuries was achieved following the intervention.