Workplace Injury Management

Active rehabilitation of injuries affecting work performance

At Construct Health injury prevention trumps injury management every time.

You don’t want an Lost Time (LTI) or recordable injury and neither do we so if injury does occur in the workplace, an efficient injury management system ensures minimal disruption to productivity and profits.

We seek engagement from and work to engage with all key stakeholders – the injured worker, supervisors, management, health and safety team, insurers and medical staff.

Research has shown that workers have much better rehab outcomes when all parties share the same goals and are reading off the same song sheet.

By following strict rehabilitation protocols we also ensure that each and every case is handled in the same way.  As a result you will always know how an injury is to be handled – we don’t deviate from our proven protocol – this is our guarantee.

At each step in the rehabilitation pathway we ensure that all parties are kept fully informed.  By adhering to our key principles you see “no gaps” and encounter “no surprises”. This results in a level of service which addresses all healthcare needs, delivers the best quality care and keeps you fully informed along the way.

Injury management services offered by Construct Health are:

  • On-site physiotherapy
  • Return to work management
  • Suitable duties programmes

On-site Physiotherapy

Construct Health offer an on-site physiotherapy service, meaning services are provided at your workplace. All that is required is a room on your premises (e.g. first aid room). If that is not possible, physiotherapy can be provided at a nearby location. Construct Health provide all other equipment required for treatment and rehabilitation.

Benefits of on-site physiotherapy:

  • minimise time lost from work, as the injured worker is treated at the workplace and therefore need not travel to an off-site clinic
  • where an injured worker might otherwise need to take sick leave, attending the workplace for physiotherapy can keep the worker in the routine of coming to work.
  • observing the injured worker in the workplace helps with identification of contributing factors
  • the physiotherapist can gain a thorough understanding of the workplace and work tasks – an important part of rehabilitation and future injury prevention
  • facilitates direct communication between the physiotherapist, the employer and the injured worker
  • ease of access to physiotherapy encourages early reporting of symptoms which means developing injuries can be resolved before they become lost time injuries

Return to work management

Co-ordination of an injured worker’s timely, safe and structured return to pre-injury work duties. This involves facilitating communication between all parties involved, including the employer, employee, doctors and other health professionals.

Suitable duties programmes

A structured progression of work duties, developed in accordance with injury specifics that directs an injured employee’s safe and timely return to work and full duties.
Based on knowledge of injuries and their recovery, Construct Health can direct this pathway as rapidly as possible, but without causing re-injury.

Contact Construct Health today if you want an Injury Management system that can truly make an impact on your workplace.