Do you know that your PHYSIO can help you overcome headaches?

Researchers have identified over 300 different types of headaches – including migraine, tension-headache, cluster headache, menstrual headache and many more.

Of these 300 many may be caused by injury or dysfunction in the tissues and bony structures of the neck, jaw, shoulders and upper back.

Recent research and newly devised treatment protocols have shown promising outcomes for many different types of headache, including those not typically thought to be treatable through physiotherapy, particularly migraines and chronic menstrual headaches.

At Construct Health our physiotherapists are trained to fully assess the muscles, joints and surrounding tissues that can contribute to headaches in order to provide accurate and specific treatment with the aim of providing headache relief. We can also tailor an ongoing management programme to assist you in managing your own headaches and stop them at the first sign of trouble.