At Construct Health, we want to help you improve your running performance and reduce your injury risk at the same time.

Kim Williams is an experienced Clinical Physiotherapist and an ex-runner who has extensive experience dealing with running injury prevention and rehabilitation. She has the following advice for runners:

“Including core strengthening exercises as part of your training for running injury management and your overall performance is essential.

A cue I hear commonly coming from my patients is that they are told to “forward lean” while they run. The “ideal forward lean” position is to have a forward lean of the whole body from ankle to shoulder. The theory behind this technique is that it assists with energy preservation as gravity will help with propulsion. There is some controversy in the research surrounding this. However, to do this correctly is very tricky and requires optimum core/glute strength and endurance to maintain this posture and also adequate hip flexibility.

When you do not have the required core/glute strength and hip flexibility, as you fatigue you will most likely bend at your waist rather than having the slightly forward lean of the whole body from ankle to shoulder. Your body will try to compensate for lacking strength by recruiting other muscle groups. This compensation strategy can lead to low back pain, hip pain and compensation from surrounding muscle groups which can lead to injury and pain in these areas.

Whether you run with a “forward lean” or not, having a strong core will help to ensure good running posture, good pelvic alignment and prevent unnecessary recruitment of other muscles for stabilisation.”

If you have any questions about your core strength or would like your running biomechanics assessed by a physiotherapist, call our Mackay Clinic on 4840 2122 or Moranbah and Emerald Clinics on 4941 6067 or click here to request an appointment.