Here at CH HQ we received lots of well-wishes congratulating us on our 5th Birthday yesterday.┬ To the folks who called, emailed, posted messages on social media and stopped us on the street for a chat┬ – a big thank you from CH HQ and all of our team.


At Construct Health we consider ourselves to be part of a community and work hard to support the schools, sporting teams, charitable organisations and businesses where we operate; to receive a bit of love back from you is pretty cool.


As health care practitioners we operate within a unique environment of trust.┬ As patients, you come to us in pain, in distress, with a problem and ask for our assistance to help you get back to doing what you love.┬ You come to us wanting to be back at work, to play sport, to run, play with your kids and feel stronger, happier and better about yourselves.┬ We play only a small part in that process.┬ Our physios are awesome, but the best practitioner in the world is only window dressing to a patient who has difficulty fully engaging with their rehab.┬ There are many easily understood barriers to committing to a rehab program – pain is scary, change is scary.┬ One of the most inspiring moments and greatest privileges for us as physios is being part of a process where we get to watch people changing their own lives.┬ As I said it’s a privilege. ┬ This is why we want to thank you for supporting us and why we look forward to working with you for the next five years.


This morning I’ve included a clip from Lorimer Mosely – a great Aussie physio, researcher, scientist – he can explain so much more about the pain process than I ever can.┬ He and his colleagues from the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (NOI) are prolific researchers and explainers of pain.┬ Check them out at www.noigroup.com or they have lots of clips on YouTube (most shorter than this one).


Again thank you from all of us here at CH